Survival Zone is ran by a family that has three generations of storm shelter and safe room building experience and we’re located north of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our team of experienced welders have been manufacturing EF-5 rated, above ground, steel safe rooms since 2004, and our shop leaders have over 100 years of combined experience in fitting and welding steel. In 2017 we started retailing our own brand: Survival Zone. This step has given us the freedom to implement the unique ideas we have been able to deliver to families, raising the bar for the level of quality while simultaneously ensuring that our customers are able to obtain this while still maintaining a price that is affordable and, in many cases, better than they can find elsewhere.  All of our safe rooms at Survival Zone are made right here in Oklahoma.

With well over a decade of experience in manufacturing safe rooms we have honed our safe rooms to be strong and overbuilt for the ultimate safety conditions, simplistic in design for ease of use during an emergency, and all the while an emphasis has been placed on pride in quality and craftsmanship as a direct from the factory retailer/manufacturer who oversees their product from start to finish can provide. Our goal at Survival Zone Safe Rooms is to provide people with the strongest, safest, highest quality safe rooms they can find, all while delivering at a good price that families can afford.

What Motivates Us

In the early 1980’s a family member of ours’ life was cut tragically short by a tornado that completely demolished her home and since then at least one or more or our family members have been providing other families the means to protect themselves from tornadoes by manufacturing storm shelters or safe rooms in an attempt to spare them from a similar loss. Because when the tornado sirens are going off and severe weather is imminent being in a safe room/storm shelter is the best option to brave the storm, being in a hall closet or bathroom is the last resort. What Survival Zone Safe Rooms offer our customers is peace of mind when the tornado sirens go off, safety in dangerous weather or home invasions, top-tier quality construction, and the lifesaving ability to truly protect what matters.



Our safe room models are proudly rated for EF-5 tornadoes and have been tested at Texas Tech’s Debris Impact Facility and meet both FEMA 320 and ICC 500.

As a manufacturer Survival Zone Safe Rooms is able to provide not only the standard sizes in our safe rooms, but also make available to our customers custom sizes for their safe room, if need be, in order to meet their specific needs- at no additional cost compared to the standard dimensions it would be altered from. We are able to install a safe room in many different locations as well, a Survival Zone Safe Room can be installed in the garage, inside of the home during construction, under a staircase during construction, in buildings or barns, or on a concrete slab outdoors that meets standards; this lends flexibility to families. Which is also why we offer three different models, so that people are able to find the best option to meet their individual needs and the needs of their family. Our most popular safe room model here at Survival Zone is “The Tank” and the reason why is because it has 3/8” thick plate steel walls and is built to protect your family from EF-5 tornados and home invasions.  Our second model is “The Rhino” and it has our iconic corrugation stamped into the walls, which are 3/16” thick and this model is also rated for EF-5 tornadoes and will protect your family from home invasions. Our newest model is “The Knight” and is a ¼” thick safe room which also offers a unique door that grants access to 3 of the locking pins from the outside to allow the option of letting people inside the safe room when it is