In the event that a tornado comes through the area where you live, or an intruder breaks into your home, having a safe place to go is paramount. Survival Zone Safe Rooms offers peace of mind with EF-5 rated protection from its safe room model ͞The Knight,͟ tested at Texas Tech’s Debris Impact Facility. This safe room has ¼͟ thick walls, roof and door, with the four corners and lip that forms the bottom perimeter of the safe room are bent/broke to form a very stout safe room giving double the thickness to the corners being ½͟ structure. ͞The Knight͟ has an inward swinging door and is also completely seal welded on the outside of the safe room- like all of our other models.


“I did a lot of research before purchasing my shelter and Survival Zone Safe Rooms won hands down. Their product meets all of the FEMA requirements and the design is strong and well built. They were here at the exact time they said they would be, were friendly and efficient with installing the shelter and took the time to make sure I knew everything before leaving. Thank you, Aaron, I appreciate your helpfulness, knowledge and friendliness!”–Jana O’Gara Hawk

Knight 2

The Knight is our newest addition to our line-up, it offers top tier protection and Survival Zone’s signature excellent quality delivered at a very competitive price. The door on this safe room is unique and offers a variety of safety features that you simply will not find on other safe rooms, it can also be placed on either end or side of the safe room and swing to the inside hinged from the left-hand or right-hand side and come standard at 30͟ wide but can be 24͟ if a narrower door is requested, like all of our other models. Apart from the grade one class one lock on the door and set of four ¾͟ cold rolled steel hinge pins, there is a set of three 7/8͟ cold rolled steel sliding lock pins that not only can be both locked and unlocked from the inside but can be accessed and unlocked from the outside as well. This safety feature is very popular among people with a fear of being stuck or claustrophobia, especially for people with health issues, disabilities, or complications from age. This gives the options to many people who would like to have this feature, but in no way does it detract from you or your family’s safety in the event of a home invasion, burglary, or another type of similar threat like simply protecting valuable items- we still have you covered. There is a secret fourth sliding lock pin on the inside that can be engaged which cannot be accessed from the outside of the room, which is also true for the keyed lock. That makes for a total of nine points of contact for our door, which goes above and beyond many other offerings you will find. This offers the home owner top rated EF-5 level safety from tornados while also providing a haven in the event that intruders have entered the home.

Knight 3

“I compared eight different manufacturers products, but I went with survival zone because they’re product was a thicker gauge steel than competitors and the steel work was cleaner looking as well. I got my storm shelter installed in about 45 minutes after the installation crew arrived. In my next house I will purchase another one from them as well.”-Joe Warden

Having manufactured safe rooms in North-Eastern Oklahoma since 2004, our team has been able to develop and come up with these innovative changes in order to delivery something truly unique to the industry and present it with unparalleled quality so that families can have more options to protect what matters with a safe room that meets or exceeds industry standards like
FEMA 320 & ICC 500 guidelines. ͞The Knight͟ has a 1/4 ͞roof which comes equipped with a 4͟x4͟ lightbox so if home owners wish they can have lighting wired (but we suggest keeping an LED tap light for in the event of power outage) and a 3͟x9͟ vent which has a vent cover over the opening as well. Like our other rooms ͞The Knight͟ is a versatile safe room- while most people install their safe room in their garage we can cater to many additional scenarios as our safe rooms can be installed and framed around in a new home or building, inside of the garage of a pre-existing home or place of business or installed on a slab outdoors.

“I was looking at safe rooms to put in my house. I did a lot of research and looked at many manufacturers. Survival Zone was head and shoulders above the competition. They were perfessionsal and friendly. They installed it quickly and easily.” -Randy Tayrien

When we install a safe room outdoors we install the vent on one of the outer walls and put the vent cover facing downwards to help detour from rain and the elements plus all of our safe rooms are painted with a rust inhibiting paint and primer combination. ͞The Knight͟ comes in three different standard sizes, 4’ x 4’, 3’6͟ x 5’, and 4’ x 6’.

“These guys are great to deal with. They answered every question I had and showed me the quality work that makes their safe room stand out from the rest. I recommend doing business with them.”-Jeff Aleshire

At Survival Zone Safe Rooms our motto is to Protect What Matters͟ and ͞The Knight͟ is more than capable of rising to the occasion. Many of these safe rooms have been installed across the Midwest and offer families peace mind from storms and other threats all of our safe rooms rated for EF-5 tornados. Let Survival Zone Safe Rooms meet your needs today with one of our three different models, and with a crew that has over 14 years of experience in manufacturing safe rooms in Oklahoma you can feel confident in choosing Survival Zone.

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