͞The Rhino is our 3/16 thick safe room and was Survival Zone Safe Room’s first model that we created and like all the rest of our safe rooms it has been rated for EF-5 tornadoes tested at Texas Tech’s Debris Impact Facility. 3/16 wall thickness is usually the standard thickness for most safe rooms on the market. When a safe room is 3/16͟ thick the steel sheets that comprise the walls and ceiling should be reinforced for an increase in rigidity and sturdiness. Often times it is common to see 2 tubing that is typically 11 gauge welded into these safe rooms in order to add structure to the safe rooms. What Survival Zone Safe Rooms has done with ͞The Rhino is take reinforcement to the next level by stamping 3 wide 3/16 corrugation into the 3/16 sheet of steel itself, by doing this we have insured an unparalleled level of stoutness and reinforced rigidity to our safe room’s walls and ceiling.



This corrugation gives both the iconic look and a superior protection to The Rhino over competitors of similar thickness. The Rhino is completely seal welded on the outside and stitch welded on the inside making for an incredibly solid safe room. So even though The Rhino͟ is Survival Zone’s thinnest safe room it is still EF-5 ready and easily passes the test. The Rhino has a ¼͟ front steel plate making up the door’s face with a series of 3͟ corrugated bracers for extra reinforcement with a 3/16͟ corrugated back steel sheet for the back side of the door all adding up to a 3 deep door with beefy ¾͟ hinge pins made from cold rolled steel and massive 7/8 cold rolled steel sliding lock pins with each door having a peep sight to survey the outside area in front of your safe room and a grade 1 lock installed on the door so that you can lock up valuable possessions in your safe room if the need arises. The door on . The Rhino swings to the inside. This design choice for an inward swinging door is continued on all the different models of safe rooms that Survival Zone manufactures.

Rhino 2

The reason behind this is for is because if some sort of debris or other obstruction were to lean against the safe room door the occupants inside could still open the door and exit the safe room after the event of a tornado. Our doors have a 7/8͟ door handle welded onto the outside so there will be no need to worry about malfunctions as it is solid steel. All of our safe room models are designed to stand up to the strongest EF-5 tornadoes- they are also well equipped to deal with home invasions and other intrusions. At Survival Zone Safe Rooms our slogan is to ͞Protect What Matters͟ and with ͞The Rhino͟ you are checking all of the boxes. Our safe rooms meet or exceed all of the standards in place for above ground storm shelters including FEMA ICC 500 and 320. We use 5/8͟Wej-it anchor bolts to securely bolt ͞The Rhino͟ down to a quality concrete slab.

Rhino 3

The Rhino͟ can be placed inside of garages (most commonly) and also framed around when constructing a new home or on a concrete slab in the backyard- Survival Zone safe rooms are versatile. ͞The Rhino has been installed in many home residences and businesses across the Midwest. The bottom of the perimeter of ͞The Rhino is 3/8͟ thick steel flat bar which we weld, creating an extra tough base for the safe room we anchor bolts to in order to anchor the safe room down to the concrete. The ceiling of our ͞Rhino͟ model safe rooms are corrugated 3/16͟ sheets as well- they are each equipped with a light box for wiring lighting to your safe room, but Survival Zone still suggests that it’s customers keep a few LED tap lights (which we provide) and/or flash lights in their room for in the even of a blackout due to sever weather. Our ceilings also have a 3͟ x 9͟ vent with a covering for added ventilation.

“Highest quality, custom built safe rooms!! I can’t say enough good things about the Survival Zone team!”
– Robyn Goodnight

With ͞The Rhino͟ we are able to do standard sizes from as small as 3’ x 5’ and as large as 8’ x 12’ but one thing that Survival Zone Safe Rooms does that most other companies can’t are custom sizes. We will make a custom sized ͞Rhino͟ to fit the customers’ needs and offer them the highest level of craftsmanship they will find among safe room manufacturers along with the most attention to detail-
giving them a custom tailored and unique experience all the while remaining at a competitive price, often times even being able to offer a lower price for a much higher quality product. Our installers are trained professionals and have the goal of being courteous and helpful, answering any questions the customer may have.

“These guys rock! They pay attention to the details, do quality work, and give you more than you pay for… I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”
–Guy Shepard

When it comes to EF-5 Tornadoes, sever weather, home invasions, moments where protecting your family and yourself truly matter, people are turning to Survival Zone and models like “The Rhino” in order to “Protect What Matters.”

Survival Zone Safe Rooms has plenty of experience with this, we have been manufacturing above ground storm shelters rated for EF-5 tornadoes since 2004. Survival Zone has been manufacturing all of our own safe rooms in North-Eastern Oklahoma where we are based.

“When we saw Surival Zone Safe Rooms at the Home and Garden Show last year we knew it was what we had been looking for. They are so sturdy and well built and it’s easy for my handicap Mother-in-law to get in easily with her walker. When 2 Men came to deliver and install our Safe room we were amazed. They were so professional and careful not to damage any part of our new home. When we see other safe rooms compared to ours we absolutely have no regrets with our purchase. Thank you Survival Zone!!!” 
-Hughes Ray

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