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“After research of the different safe rooms we went with Survival Zone. They have the best product and the customer service is fantastic. Very professional. We would definitely recommend this company.”
– K. Stringer

The Tank is our 3/8 thick EF-5 rated safe room and it is both our thickest, and most popular safe room. We manufacture all of our safe rooms right here in North-Eastern Oklahoma and have over fourteen years of experience in manufacturing EF-5 rated safe rooms. All of our safe rooms meet or exceed all of the standards set for above ground storm shelters including FEMA 320 and ICC-500 on every model and we hold our safe rooms to the absolute highest standard, The Tank is no exception. The Tank is the first mass produced 3/8 thick plate steel safe room on the market and the quality of its craftsmanship is without equal. It was important for us to design not only the thickest steel safe room you will come across, but also an extremely safe and secure safe room that is simple enough for even a child to use in an emergency or time of need. The Tank is designed to stand up against the strongest tornadoes that can be mustered, but it is also designed to protect families against home invasions and any other threat where taking shelter is the ultimate priority. This is why our slogan here at Survival Zone Safe Rooms is to Protect What Matters and whether it be your family, pets, friends, or valued personal belongings The Tank is rated to handle EF-5 tornadoes from Texas Tech’s Debris Impact Facility, so people are able to rest assured in having one that these things will in fact be protected.


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“Dave and his Survival Zone team are amazing! My husband and I visited with them at the Tulsa Home and Garden show. They followed up with us after, and within two weeks, we had our 3.5 X 5 shelter installed. Survival Zone’s customer service was exceptional. The entire staff was knowledgeable of their product, and they went out of their way to accommodate our schedule. We highly recommend this company!”
– Ashley Nobile

Being able to meet our customers needs at any opportunity is very important to us here at Survival Zone Safe Rooms, we are able to craft custom safe rooms that will fit in to the desired location that and provide individuals with a top end product and experience that they will be hard pressed to find anywhere else- we can even custom build a safe room to fit underneath the staircase of a new home being constructed, and unlike other companies, our custom safe rooms do not cost extra for the customer to have because we wish to give people at truly affordable solution to being protected from the elements and outside threats. The Tank is aptly named because it is extremely tough. While most safe room companies weld angle around the bottom of their safe rooms to bolt into, Survival Zone Saferooms bends a lip around the bottoms making it stronger as it is much more solid, being the same piece. We use 3/4 Wej-it brand anchor bolts to bolt down and secure our 3/8 plate steel The Tank model safe rooms to the concrete slab, our installers here at Survival Zone Safe Rooms are knowledgeable and trained professionals, we also strive to be courteous and offer a positive experience for all of our customers answering any questions they may have and going out of our way to offer assistance in becoming familiar with their new safe room.

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“Very timely and responsive to us as we attempt to build into a new home!
– Metro Courier

The installation of our rooms is typically started and completed in just under an hour’s time and our scheduling revolves around our customers’ schedules. The Tank’s door is also made from the 3/8 thick plate steel just like the walls and it is reinforced even further by having 3 structure bracing the door’s back side. With three sets of hinge pins and lock pins being accessible and visible from inside the room. The door uses  hinge pins and 7/8 sliding lock pins, both made out of cold rolled steel. At Survival Zone Safe Rooms we also include a grade 1 lock on our doors so that home and business owners can store valuable possessions inside and then lock them up in order to be secure. There is also a peep sight on all of our safe room doors allowing its occupants to see outside and have an idea of what is going on within the vicinity.

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